: Finalist at LAD Awards 2018
   Category - Editorial [Student]

Art Direction:
Vivian Pan

Vivian Pan, Marília Arruda

Text Formatting:
Alice Lerner, Marília Arruda

Grupo Brilho de Lucas, Dudu Lacerda

Case Study Photography:
Vivian Pan
Bumba | Um Brilho em Parada de Lucas – 2018
Editorial. Illustration.
A book designed to rightfully tell the story of one of Brazil’s most characteristic festivities, Bumba-meu-boi do Maranhão, and the journey of the people who brought their northeastern culture to Rio de Janeiro.

The book was designed so the reader is able to listen while the group Brilho de Lucas, one of the oldest and most traditional groups of Bumba-meu-boi in Rio, tells the story of their family’s migration from the city of Viana (MA) to Rio, and the importance of Bumba-meu-boi to maintain their culture.